So clever that hurts BBS uses to host lots of crappy BASS/DUNGEON HORROR/JUST SO YOU KNOW threads/posts, but from time to time there's interesting stuff posted there. One which has come to my attention recently is this one started by Melwyn: sceners united: get pan-european!
I fully agree with his message. In fact, I was going to do a blog post with something about my experience helping in the organization of a small party like ifparty. I think I'll have to steal some of his words as they were so clever that they hurt:

  • most of the time more / international people means also a better party
  • why and how to visit these parties? organizers, set up your party place and date as early as possible and advertise. check out how people from further away can travel there cheap
I don't know why do we always fail miserably on the same points. It's not the only one, but past if05 was announced with a considerable delay. if06 goes in the same way. And there are other parties which fell in the same horrible error, of course, but I'll let you choose your favourite ones...

I hadn't experienced much of that problem until I moved to London and started going to parties by plane. Then is when I noticed the big difference which makes buying the travel tickets one or three months in advance. The difference can be really astonishing: maybe £80 if you buy it on a decent early date, and £300 buying it one month before. There you depend on the party dates being fixed lots of months in advance, and the party credibility and reliability level.

And there are organizers which think that the party is going to be full of people just because there's a party. For the sake of going there, and they will even bring productions with them. Excuse me, may I have a laugh? Ha-ha! That one was funny.

I could continue criticising the absurd desinformative websites of certain parties which force the visitor to go in circles and start wandering around until they find such simple details as how to arrive to the partyplace, but I really don't care that much at this point. In fact, please allow me to be a bit rude... I don't give a f***!