Some things I want to give a try: results

Some months ago, I said I wanted to test several things, and here are the results:

  • CakePHP: it's promising although it lacks lots of documentation and I don't have time to guess how does it work. I'll wait until it is a bit more consolidated to have another look. I have been testing it today with a local copy of the database (to have some real data where the tables are more related than in my blog), and although I managed to create the models, controllers, views and so on, I get stuck when it comes to simple things like specifying the relationships between tables, the maximum number of records retrieved each time... I know I could go and find the answers by digging into the code but hey, I want to save time, not spend it guessing how things work...
  • Flock: it didn't appeal to me, I don't use blogger as my blog platform and in general it didn't look much better than camino or firefox. It even was a bit slow. More of a hype than nothing really impressing. I'll have to wait a bit more, as its team said they are working on new improvements.
  • Pong: I ignored it completely. In fact I am using ping-o-matic.
  • flash 8: not yet...
  • ruby on rails: no time either :-(
And that's all!