Why I didn't go to bcnparty: the REAL answer!

There's been some speculation surrounding this topic. There's people saying I've left the scene, or that I've become so m3g41337 that I don't even consider going to bcn anymore. There's also more sayings about my health but none of them are true!

The real truth is that...

  1. After bcn101 I felt extremely unmotivated to attend bcn anymore.
  2. I had taken eight planes during the summer and I was quite tired. If it had been business class with a taxi waiting for me at either side of the travel I wouldn't have minded it at all but it wasn't exactly like that - I began to develop an automatic need for smashing crying children heads as soon as I heard a sob, so I'd better avoid the temptation.
  3. Although (1) was not a real reason after the bcnparty organisation was changed, there was another problem - the party began to look nice when it was a bit late for buying cheap plane tickets
  4. I just changed to a new job and I prefer to save my little holidays for something a bit less stressing than a party. And I wasn't going to fly on Saturday for going back on Sunday.
  5. I had also been commuting for around 2.30 hours daily during august so I didn't had much free time for anything else apart from sleeping when I was not working - that didn't help with the I-feel-tired sensation.
  6. Because I've been busy I didn't have nothing to release. My only possible production was escena.org v2 and even that took me 3 months to get a semiworking status.
  7. And finally I went to Sundown the week-end before Bcnparty. Even if I have went to two consecutive demoparties in the past, I think it's way too much for my accommodated and lazy life style so I decided that it was not for me and maybe next year.
Even though, I still had a look at plane tickets 3 weeks before the party but I preferred to save my quids for something else - which I haven't determined yet but will make sure all of you know if it's appropiate, or remain in the darkest of the secrets if needed.

So don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against bcnparty. In fact I missed so much the fact of going; there are way too many nice memories of nice moments there to be against bcnparty. I spent the whole weekend doing an intensive code marathon for having escena.org ready for bcnparty, while at the same time was trying to get news of the party in #demoscene. And I'm very pleased that there's new people there, both as organisers and attendants. I'm also pleased with the fact that it all went well and everybody is very excited about the future of the party and the spanish demoscene generally speaking.

And now I'm going to fix a couple more of things in escena.org if you don't mind ;)