Working in W1

Almost two years ago, I arrived in London at night, 14th september if I'm not wrong. Flight 5138 from Barcelona, with a 25 kg suitcase and a HEAVY phosphorescent orange label on it. Following day I caught the 6 until Marble Arch, and just started walking by Oxford Street.

Last time I had been there, it had been at the very rush hour in the afternoon, an animated scene with musicians and lots of tourists shopping and flowing in any direction. And how weird it looked in the morning, with the shops still closed (or almost opening), people rushing for getting to work, all of them with a plastic coffee cup in their hands, some of them even with a croissant or any other pastry. I looked at them curiously, while I was beginning to explore London by myself. I hadn't much more to do, in any case.

I also had a funny mix of places and geography in my mind. All the churches looked to me as if they were St. Martins in the Fields, and even with a map in my hands and being able to watch the Centre Point I still got lost in my erratic way, ending up in circles just around where I work now! I love these coincidences.

Some months ago I had to rush each time I had to buy anything at this area, since most of the shops close at 18.30-19 (I must confess I hate it) and there was no @£$@$£@ way I could get out of the office before 17.30 (I even hated more that fact). And now that we finally moved to the London office it's just getting out the office and being surrounded by everything! No more need for rushing or letting the shopping for the week-end. I feel like in civilisation again, somehow.

And I can also go there by bus, which is something that I hadn't been able to experience yet (I had to go by tube since it was so far that if I had used a bus I would have had to wake up one hour earlier). And I can come back walking which is a treat with all the things which are waiting to be seen in the way back...

I can't be happier! :D 8-> (well, actually I can but I'll leave it for a future post :P ) =d> \:D/