Hello again!

Sorry about the lack of posts, I've just been acting as an english tourist on holidays, that is:

  • enjoying the glorious sunny weather; I've been having delicious reading sessions on the sun, open air, almost every day!
  • visiting well known places but looking at them with different eyes
  • picking up my university degree certificate - this reminded me that after all the taxes I paid during my studies, I still had to pay more (100+ euros) for getting a piece of paper, two years after I paid for it. With a letter welcoming me to the workers life: "In this new period of your life..." I should have reclaimed all the interests accrued during those two years!
  • meeting old friends, part 1: we met Corsario & Liso on Valencia and went to a great restaurant called La Ovella Negra (apparently it's not related with the one with the same name in Barcelona), where we enjoyed the great food and wine they served. Great paella! After the lunch we went to say hi to Estrayk and also picked up Liso's girlfriend, whom I hadn't seen for ages, and went to an Irish pub to have some pints.
  • meeting old friends, part 2: we met a friend which I hadn't seen for a very long time, was pretty cool to see her after so many years (almost 10!), and recall our old school adventures!
  • meeting old friends, part 3: we met Silenci & Madgoblin in Barcelona, and we tried to go to the Mexican restaurant we've been trying to go like three times already (always without any luck). Finally we had to go to the classic pizzeria, and after doing some shopping, we managed to convince them to join us in our quest for patatas bravas at a hidden place we know. Unfortunately after walking all the way until the place, we came to find it was Wednesday, and they close on Wednesday. Luckily we remembered sml's wise advice about the nearby restaurant being the same style and could find out they look like being ran by the same people. Which allowed us for some extra points of fast food, spanish style.
  • meeting old friends, part 4: we met Mac and his wife, whose name I do not know how to write ó_ò, and it was very cool to see the original xplsv together after so many time! and to meet her as well :-)
  • getting myself updated on what is going to happen in Rails 2, since there're lots of changes coming and I had got a bit lost during the previous weeks. I also have a couple of thoughts about this which I'll detail in future posts, I hope.
  • watching lots of movies! I think we went to the cinema like 4 times, saw a couple movies more in the TV, and somewhere else, like in the computer.
  • doing nothing, yeah, I really needed it, in order to do something :-) I'll detail what and when soon ;-)