Xcode3 oddities

It's been a couple of interesting days already, got ideas for something fun and I'm using XCode quite furiously. Everything began since I got SDL working with OpenGl (what derived into a Linux version of the famously rotating triangle with pink background), then a couple of weeks later I made some additions which I'm further developing now.

But... what's going on with XCode3? It's just me the only one which has to close it and reopen it again every X debugging attempts? or maybe that's what the X in XCode stands for...

The symptoms are: you Build and Go (Compile and debug in ye olde jargon) and then one would expect the debugger to pop up. But nothing happens because a) it didn't rebuild at all or b) it couldn't attach the debugger to the process. So it runs as normal.

There's another weird thing, sometimes I add a new method in a class header (I'm working with C++) and when I write the method body in the .cpp file and try to compile, I get a message saying that there aren't matches with the definitions of the class, blabla. I solved this one cleaning all targets and rebuilding again, but if you know a better way of fixing it, I'm all ears.

Maybe there are hidden options which can be configured with

defaults write com.apple.Xcode AppleAnnoyances off

or something like that!

Event though, I must say that I like XCode2 way more than the previous version. If I had to choose a single reason it would be the removal of ZeroLink, then I would say the new finder, code folding, etc. (I never use its SCM features or design features so I can't tell)