Saving Netbeans workbench

I wonder if there's a way to make Netbeans save its 'workbench' more often, so that when it is reopened again, it shows the documents I was really working on the last time I touched Netbeans.

Unfortunately, what it does now is saving these snapshots only when I close Netbeans. Which isn't very helpful if I forget to manually close Netbeans before turning off the computer, or if I can't resume after suspending and have to reboot, etc. It might probably show me some files which I finished editing eons ago and might even belong to a totally different project altogether.

To make my case clearer: Firefox's Well, this is embarrassing... feature works exactly the way I would like Netbeans --and in general, pretty much every other piece of software-- to work. We do not have Quad cores and hard disks in the order of the Terabytes for performing fancy visual effects only; it would be great to have some of that computing power diverted to simple yet very satisfactory and rewarding functionalities such as saving the status of the programs frequently so that we didn't have to think about What was I doing before X happened?.