Site update in progress

Dear subscribers, occasional readers and visitors referred by Google who may possibly read this before their lovely short attention span times out:

I'm performing a very much needed and as much delayed update in the website. The changes are mostly cosmetic (in the templates), for taking advantage of newer features of WordPress such as tags, paged posts, sticky posts and etc. It could happen that you find odd things going on. Please sit back and enjoy the little bugs jumping and creating small turbulences in the small cyberspace region that this site delimits. They won't last long... Needless to say, if you find a grossly offending annoyance or malfunction, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in this post so that I can go and annihilate said behaviour.

Normal transmissions will resume shortly but meanwhile please enjoy this post which I'm going to set up as sticky to test the feature ;)

By the way, I am considering enabling the nested comments feature. Anyone has any strong opinion on this? I believe it would make replying to an specific previous comment easier, since we wouldn't need to use the @- idiom, but I'm unsure whether that would convert the comments in a slashdot-like threaded confusion area.

There aren't generally many comments, but when there are, things get busy! So, opinions are welcome on this topic!

Update 1, 12th May: I have added three of my custom widgets, for comments, tag cloud and friendly linking.

Still have a little issue with my tag cloud widget which I'd like to solve, but I can't get to subscribe or post to the wp-hackers mailing list. If there's any WordPress expert in the room, may he/she graciously answer why the get_tags() function doesn't act as expected if the requested number of tags is not exactly 45? Thanks!

Update 2, 22nd May: I think the site is fine for now, will try to join the wp-hackers list through Google Groups or something when I finish my short holidays and ask about get_tags again then. Anyway, I am removing the sticky status in this post for the time being :D