Support Breakpoint

If you're somehow into the demoscene I bet you already know about that: the biggest demoscene event lost support from the big companies who used to sponsor it. It has been almost on the verge of not being held this year, but thankfully some people are putting their money and their hands where their mouth is and already several donation campaigns and similar alternatives have been set, and even more important: they are working!

In a way I find this terribly positive. It helps us to stop totally depending on sponsorship from big corporations and makes us more independent and autonomous, and also value what really matters, and what we have.

Unfortunately I'm not going to attend Breakpoint 2009 for several reasons, but I just made a donation, if only to say thanks for:

  • The recording of previous years live acts, both when I was there and when I wasn't, for being able to remember and also discover what happened respectively
  • The recording of seminars. There hasn't been a year without at least one which particularly had interested me
  • The stimulus they provide to the demosceners of the world, to show their best ever productions at Easter, every year
  • At least two epic moments: Ultrasound's Purple Motion's Second Reality interpretation at bp05 and David Hasselhoff's Big Band recreation of Jugi's Onward (dope.mod) at bp05 as well. I'm still getting goosebumps when I remember about that!

So do your bit. I know several readers of this blog do watch the streams and seminars every year but never attend the party. Don't take it for granted, show your appreciation. Say thanks even if you're not going this year anyway. Or just go to the party. You're still on time for buying reasonably priced tickets and supporting them with your presence. I bet there's nothing more rewarding for a party organiser than a packed infodesk and long queues at the entrance the first day. Except, of course, awesome entries and having great atmosphere.

It's all up to you/us.