Breakpoint demolog, day 35: some pattern dynamics

Things have improved a lot compared with yesterday's status. I have fixed several sound bugs and whatnot's, and have added support for volume changes and note offs in the patterns. Silly as they might look, they actually are quite important :-)

In fact, in what regards to volume (the volume column, more specifically) my player is slightly more feature richer than Renoise, since if you send different volume values to a VSTi in Renoise once the note has been sent, it doesn't do anything, while my player acts accordingly and updates the volume for the corresponding voice. This can be used for the old tracker trick of having a rapid sequence of 64, 00, 64, 00, 32, 00, for example, and since it's always quite handy for me, I have implemented it even if that's not exactly what Renoise does. Not sure if I'll repent later!

I have also begun work with reading and parsing the automation envelopes that I can create with Renoise in order to change synth parameters on the fly, with the Automation Device. I looked into CC changes but they looked just too complicated, while the Envelopes look simpler and more granular/synthetic, so I went for that approach instead. I am almost done with reading the data, I only have to let the patterns know about them and use it when playing :-P

Filter cut off sweeps, there we go!!