Breakpoint demolog, day 37: device automation goodness

Today's been quite productive and I feel I have implemented the remaining "bare minimum" feature I [realistically] wanted to achieve for this demo: pattern automation!

So now I can draw curves for any parameter in my synth, in any pattern, with them associated to an instance of Renoise's Automation Device, and they will be replayed when running the demo. Only points and linear curve modes are implemented --I never use cubic, even in real life renoising, so I won't miss it--. But it's enough for making songs way more lively and varied, and I am reaching the point in which I feel like running out of time, so feature-freezing at this point is a very sane idea :)

I have also added another little neat, experimental feature... that I won't disclose yet in the interests of creating a bit of expectation! I haven't tested it too much yet, and I'm not sure how well will it work when I submit the synth to serious (stress|test)ing, in order to compose the song, which is what I'm going to do in the following day(s).

In the compiler front, Visual Express and I haven't come to amicable terms yet, but I'll leave the complaints for another post. Only two words and a question mark: No refactoring?