Diff'ing with RapidSVN

I thought I had to enter "diff" in the diff tool field, but I was wrong: it didn't work. Apparently RapidSVN expects a graphical application instead of a text-mode application that runs on a terminal.

But fear not! There's an application for this. It's called meld.


sudo apt-get install meld

And in RapidSVN → Preferences → Programs → Diff Tool simply enter meld. Now you should be able to right click a file and select the Diff... flavour you prefer (to Base, to HEAD or to something else), and get the diff between the versions!

You might remember I always say I tend to use the command line for dealing with SVN, but sometimes I feel lazy (specially when dealing with many files at the same time), and RapidSVN is very handy to get a quick overview of what's changed. Besides, it doesn't break randomly like Subclipse/Subversive whenever Eclipse is updated, and can be used outside Eclipse, for non-Eclipse projects.