More KML to DDMS work

I have added a Debug view to my KML to DDMS conversion tool. It simply displays a table with the parsed coordinates, plus a link to Google Maps which pinpoints the location at those coordinates. As the debug view and the generated KML files use the same names for locations, it's easy to compare the results.

My main goal is to find out why I'm getting teletransported a few streets away from the real locations I recorded--so this is a way to contrast data and make sure I am going to the right place in the emulator, which I'm not :-(

Since I'm getting the same wrong results with both my application and the stock Google Maps application, maybe I overlooked something somewhere else. When converting the points? Maybe there's some accuracy value I'm ignoring and not storing in the KML file? I'm back to debugging!

Update: I know where the problem is! \o/

My application and Google Maps application are fine; my converter is fine too. The issue is in the emulator! It has precision problems and that's why the values that enter the emulator arrive into the application "a bit off" (i.e. 500 or 1000 meters away).

For example, I sent it a latitude of 51.495462 and in my application I logged the received value, which was 51.49183535. A difference of 0.00362665 might not seem very significant but we're talking about Earth degrees here, and it really makes a huge difference!

Fortunately, the error has already been identified and filed as a bug, and the fix has also been commited to the repository. And there's even a better fix for the fix!

Now it's only a matter of getting the emulator updated...