Android library projects with IntelliJ IDEA

Just a quick reminder to myself--I've done this several times, but since it's not as explicitly obvious as doing it with the Eclipse Android plug-in, I always end up looking up for the info somewhere else, and it's not as complete and understandable as my own notes could be!

So here we go:

  1. Right click over the project name and select Module Settings in the pop up menu.
  2. In Project settings select the "Modules" section
  3. Add a new module by clicking [+]
  4. Select "Import existing module"
  5. Browse to the path containing your library and its .iml file (IntelliJ project source file)
  6. Click Finish. The library project is added as a module.
  7. In the modules list click over your project to select it.
  8. On the right hand side select the "Dependencies" tab.
  9. Click Add...
  10. Choose "Module dependency..."
  11. A list should appear with the name of the module/library you previously added to the project. Select it and press OK.
  12. It will be added to the list of dependencies of your project.
  13. Press OK to finish configuring the project.
  14. You can now use the resources and classes from the library project in your project!