And talking about Logo as a learning environment...

I just happened to find these words by the late Gary Kildall, founder of Digital Research and creator of, amongst many other amazing stuff, the concept of BIOS, the CP/M operating system and DR.Logo --the dialect of Logo with which I started to program:

I took the battle against the BASIC language. I did this because I felt that the kids using BASIC on the Apple II and IBM's new PC were being taught archaic mind tools to solve problems. A new alternative had appeared on the scene, a computer language called Logo. I wrote Digital Research Logo, or Dr. Logo, as it came to be called. Logo taught kids how to think about solving complex problems. Logo became popular among a largish cult group of teachers that were computer literate, and I believe their students gained significant mind tools. But, in reality, most teachers found themselves racing to catch up with their brightest students and found solace in using BASIC. This is not a comment about inadequacies in our educational system. It is a comment about the times. I expected too much of educators. I expected them to understand, in a sense, the sugar-coated concepts of LISP used in AI that were embodied in the Logo language. It was then that I learned that computers were built to make money, not minds.

# (from his eulogy)

Interesting point of view, and definitely a very well timed finding (I swear I wasn't looking for this intentionally).