Summer struggle / Pugna canicular

Summer struggle

"Summer struggle" (or Pugna canicular in the Spanish translation) is a short book where I tell you about my yearly summer struggle with decluttering and getting rid of old clothes.

There's an illustration for each of the garments, lovingly hand-crafted by yours truly with watercolours and some black pens.

You can have a look at the online preview, where you can see all the illustrations and also read a bit of each chapter, and if you like them, why not buy the e-book for your Kindle-capable device? For only $0.99! You know you want it! :-P

Really hope you like the book! I would also love to learn which one is your favourite illustration, so please do leave a comment :-)

Note: this is why I was wondering over Twitter, a few weeks ago, about the meaning of the "Japanese" characters in a t-shirt I owned. Many thanks to Tomohiro, stage7, Belén Albeza, nic and Julien Guertault for the transcription/translation help!