Demozoo is back!

After years of delays and unfulfilled promises, Demozoo is finally out there again! It was once out there already, but got pulled back I-don't-know-why, until now. Yay!

Wait---you may not understand my excitement. Demozoo is meant to be the catalog of catalogs, without comments or trolls. Just a catalog. Just the facts, i.e. the demoscene productions.

I evidently looked for my own profile, and I must admit I got really impressed by the amount of demoscene stuff I have made. Some things I didn't even remember being involved with! And some are missing. I might add them, since it's a wiki-style website :-)

Funny fact 1: I found that demozoo had been released because I saw gasman opensourcing the project in my GitHub timeline. You should follow him too, if you're into mental code such as Spectrum emulators or MIDI players in JavaScript. See, it will be insanely good.

Funny fact 2: The site is built with Django now. It used to be built with Ruby on Rails, and if I remember correctly Gasman went as far as writing (and proposing to core) new ActiveRecord features that he needed for Demozoo. Not sure if they ever made it to upstream, though! Gasman, please comment on this! :D