Tiga GameHackDays 2013, day 2

First: failing miserably at live-blogging. We've been so deep-down on the crazy coding that I haven't had much time to even stand up and walk around.

Second: waking up this morning was horrible, as I had spent the night programming in my sleep. Terrible, terrible, trust me. When that happens to me, it's usually a nightmare about trying an approach, it doesn't work, running it again, in a loop, during the whole night. Arghhh. Maybe the extra two hours of pub-hacking had something to do with it and my brain was just so excited to stop for, say, a few hours and let me actually rest! I seriously hope that doesn't happen tonight... or I'll be a zombiesole tomorrow ø_ø

Today we were starting to work in parallel until... HEY!!! GITHUB IS DOWN!!!


The estimated downtime was 10 minutes (as stated in their status site), so we thought we would use it to discuss and reorder the TO DO list. It was more like 40 minutes, so at the end we just did a rustic manual merge, with me sending in the changes by e-mail to Belén, because as she said: "github being down doesn't mean that the whole internet is down!" (I was mumbling something about using a pendrive seconds before).

So we went back to pair programming, at the end github started to work again and we split paths, so to speak, again. I started adding a generous dose of TWEENs and transitions here and there so the game looks nice and nifty, while Belén and Ernesto worked on more game logic.

https://twitter.com/ladybenko/status/300215363071799296 At some point we had a playable early early early alpha!! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

We have been highly inspired by the "twelve games a year" thingie, so we've arranged the game features by "must haves", and "nice to have". We might be almost done with "must haves", and unless one of those silly things that happen when you're tired happens, we will have some deliverable tomorrow. Yay!!

Now I'm going to see if I make some sort of soundtrack. Where did I put those samples...? Hehe!

Before I leave, a picture of the venue that I posted a bit earlier on Twitter:


There's a nice party feeling at the place, only thing I'm missing is some demoshows from time to time, but they would be too distracting, so it's better this way, I guess. Something truly nice is that there's no (distracting) music being played on the venue, other than some horse neigh samples a group of people nearby are triggering. I wonder if they are making a joke-game based on the recent horse meat scandal!

OK, enough chatter for today. Gotta do some serious tracking, or something...