Speaking at GOTO Amsterdam 2014

I'll be speaking at GOTO Amsterdam next month too! The talk title is Invest in the future: build for the web!

See you on Friday 20th of June, 13:20-14:10h!

My first favourite thing about this conference is its name. As a Child of the 80s anything with a GOTO on it is surely going to be amusing, despite Dijkstra's concerns with regards to the GO TO statement.

My second favourite thing about this is that I also got a discount code with my name: use PENA100 for a 100 euros discount on the ticket price.

And the third and best favourite is that they used my not-serious job title in my email signature for my profile on their website: Troublemaker & GIF Hacktivist at Mozilla, and I am not going to ask them to change it because it's GREAT.

That's right, kids, I'm a GIF HACKTIVIST, and proud of it!