tween.js r13

tween.js r13 is a much expected update (I hope) that brings three little pieces of joy:

  • New onStop callback added, by colinsullivan
  • Fix _reversed yoyo flag bug, by deanm
  • And last but not least, the initial version of docs/user guide, by sole

And also available via npm:

npm install tween.js

While writing the docs I found myself wanting to show how to use custom functions, so I also wrote another example that demonstrates this. And wrote a few custom functions plus some functions to generate functions. It's all so meta and I love it.

In future releases I'd like to start clearing out the list of issues---some issues are there for years and I'm not even sure how applicable they are, and at least they should be reconsidered.

Most specially I want to make things more robust and cohesive build/user experience-wise. Things such as integrating with travis to make sure the tests are run when a PR is submitted, make examples accessible/visible easily and also enable access to the examples source code in an easier way--I had this notion of maybe preparing some interactive editor sort of demo so people can play with tween.js without even downloading the library or going to codepen or jsfiddle or similar. Maybe moving all examples to that style too. I still have to think about that, but suggestions are welcome. Working example suggestions are even more welcome.

Also--if you think you can improve the documentation, feel free to go ahead and send patches. SEND ALL THE PATCHES, AND THANK YOU.