A very quiet Saturday

I was overly ambitious with my running a few days ago, and I hurt my ankle, and it didn't help that I couldn't stay home Friday and work from there, as I had to go somewhere and walk a lot in between places. By the time I was back home, my ankle hurt way more than in the morning, so yesterday I decided to just stay in and enjoy a quiet, restorative Saturday.

It turned out to be way quieter than I expected, as the internet connection went down for a few hours.

Mind you, it's not like I was totally disconnected from the world, as I live in an area with 4G coverage and all that, but I am way more conscious of the data consumption when using my phone, so that meant I self-restricted myself to the essentials all the time the connection was down.

I found it very interesting (although not entirely surprising) that I got a lot of things done...

I posted two drawings for my daily drawing challenge, which I had drawn, but not posted yet,

https://www.instagram.com/p/BPiAmyzj2zv/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BPiBEBYD2rQ/

experimented with Inktense pencils,

https://www.instagram.com/p/BPiKlHKDHiU/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BPibQ3ajZNA/

(I searched a few blogs for tips on how to best use these ink pencils)


  • I just sat and thought about nothing and everything (I guess that's what you might call "mull over things"),
  • I gently massaged my also very sore calves and feet, trying to get familiar with the pain and where it came from and when did it happen (this was Peak Awareness 😜),
  • I also promised myself I'd be more careful next time, as I looked through the window and saw the very blue sky and was a bit envious of people on the streets on such a fine day,
  • I booked flights I had been procrastinating on booking for three weeks,
  • I read some leaflets I had been meaning to read for four weeks (without success),
  • I read some chapters of a book on my Kindle,
  • I also set up my laptop to connect to my partner's TV to watch things, using a cable I acquired exactly for this purpose more than a year ago,
  • and we even watched the movie I wanted to watch since I got the cable, so we could see all the sights of 60s London--Smashing Time, which I wouldn't say is an amazing movie, but has some memorable moments and is also loaded to the top with fantastic scenes from the streets of London.
I felt quite impressed by how much I had accomplished over a few hours of "scarce", focused internet availability. Instead of just rambling from one website to another, I simply consulted what I needed for the task at hand, and then moved on. Of course I got distracted from time to time, but I was able to go back to what I wanted to do/was doing. It is a very satisfactory state of mind.

I have more observations about this, but they'll have to wait for another post...