No Twitter month

As an experiment, I stopped using Twitter in October (I quietly posted daily updates on a page)

If it were considered an addiction, it took me a month to cure myself from it (although I had already taken steps to use it less).

After the experiment was over, I didn't rush to Twitter. I just went on with my life and didn't even give it a thought. I haven't been to Twitter yet, and we're 10 days into November.

I thought I would post more to my blog instead, but I actually have been so busy I barely posted anything, so I can't tell if the levels of activity (views, comments) have been affected by not posting links to my blog in twitter, because I have barely blogged.

I might continue the no-twitter experiment for longer while also posting more here, and observe what happens.

I keep wondering if it would be "good" for my reach to re-enable the plugin that posts to twitter from my blog automatically, but it still makes me extremely queasy to share a platform with the kind of detestable, repulsive content that Twitter allows to exist because it makes them money (even if it goes against their own rules).