Videoing and cycling the Cycle Super Highway 6 Northbound

I felt like my previous post on cycling the CS6 northbound could do with some imagery. I also happened to have a GoPro camera and a lot of accessories to mount the camera to things that I was not using, so I found some space in the (very busy) handlebars of my bike, and gave it a go.

Here is the fragment where I cycle the CS6 northbound between Ludgate Circus and Ampton street:

It is essentially following this map:

CS6, via Saffron Hill

So if you wondered how the lane looks like, or what did I mean with a wasteland of construction works, now you can see all of this with your own eyes and from the comfort of your home. Or you could cycle this as well, and then complain to TFL and other relevant authorities how inadequate you feel this "Super" "Highway" is. Because, honestly, what a farce. Vehicles park in the single and double lines, there are sharp turns everywhere, unsafe mixing with motor vehicles, etc, etc.

Nope, I'm not pleased. I demand better, specially after mr. Mayor of London sent some ridiculous leaflefts to our household announcing that the CS6 was done and "helping you get through central London more safely on a largely segregated cycle route". I have so many opinions about the leaflet, but I'll just leave you with a couple pictures so you form your own opinions here:

Leaflet cover

Inside leaflet

Back of leaflet

And then repeat after me: painting a few cycle symbols on the tarmac does not turn a road into a cycle lane.