Week notes [2022/33]

These notes are much shorter because I was away the week-end and wrote the notes while on the very delayed and boiling hot train back to London. It was such a long journey and the heat so overwhelming, that the tube felt cold and very speedy in comparison!

  • I used Obsidian on my phone (to write the draft of these notes!) and I was very pleasantly impressed by how NOT buggy it was; it's small details such as understanding that if I type a quote mark over an automatically inserted closing quote, it won't add another quote mark, but close the quote and move on.
  • At work:
    • In striking contrast, this was the week in which I found how extremely buggy Notion can be, as it randomly stops letting you edit (but you can still move the cursor around, which is most puzzling), it's almost impossible to copy and paste between it and other applications and also, so unpleasant when more than one person is changing things and the lines keep slightly jumping on the screen. Etherpad this is not.
    • First interview (shadowed!) - I thought I had almost forgotten everything about interviewing since I hadn't interviewed anyone in more than 6 months, but it came back quickly
    • I wrote some Go for the first time!
      • But only one line (you have to start somewhere, right?)
    • Had a most exciting pairing experience with Rita where I learned a lot about our infrastructure and workflows. Such great energy!
  • Elsewhere:
    • It's been hot.
    • South West Trains are still as disappointing as I remembered them. Delays on the way in, same or worse in the way back. They of course, used the heat excuse to explain why things were slow.
    • I also have criticism for London Waterloo placing some screens in the concourse. But not enough to actually cover the area where passengers wait, so they're basically still getting baked by the sun
    • I have been paying more attention than usual to buildings, specially new builds, and can't stop myself from shaking my head at the fact they don't have external blinds, but plenty of glass (including glass "bannisters"). Many don't even seem to allow for windows to be fully open, or open at all! This is such a shortsighted design decision.
    • We were invited to a barbecue and took advantage of the invitation to buy lots of vegetables and barbecue them. The rest of people were sceptical, but submitted to the charm of the roasted red peppers and broccoli. The leek wasn't as popular (maybe if we had had some allioli...), neither the nectarines (yes, we also gave them the grill treatment).
      • We did not use a disposable barbeque because we're responsible citizens and have a decent amount of awareness that fields are basically tinderbox these days.
    • I'm dreading the heat a bit while at work; my "home office" is not prepared for this heat. I'm lucky that I have an external keyboard and I don't have to physically touch the laptop (so I avoid touching a hot piece of metal), also the new work laptop doesn't seem to get as hot as previous laptops, but it's certainly one of those times that I could do with having an office to go to! The antiperks of remote work!