Book reviews

"A type primer" (John Kane, 2011)

This is a good introductory book to go through type concepts. It starts from the very beginning and builds up to grids: letterforms, typefaces, typefaces timeline, classifications, x-height, form/counterform, contrast, type and color, tracking: kerning and letterspacing, formatting, texture, leading and line length, proportion, components of text page, placing text on page, widows and orphans, columns and columnar layouts, aligments and hierarchy, tabulating, and finally grid.

I found the book was getting shallower the further we advanced. It might probably make sense as one should get a book (or more) just on grid. But it was a bit frustrating at points; some of the examples are given, but not explained, or explained in a way that doesn't explain enough, and this just keeps getting worse as the book goes on.

Definitely a book about type, but not about layout or grid.