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Changing document's main font type (using .otf files)

These files are in the same folder as the document.tex --no need to install them in the system beforehand. Which allows for archiving the .otf files along with the .tex sources. Excellent!

BoldFont = Helvetica-Condensed-BlkObl.otf,
ItalicFont = LinLibertine_It-4.2.6.otf,
BoldItalicFont = LinLibertine_BI-4.1.0.otf

This is obviously an extreme example. You don't need to specify all variants of the font using different font faces, as it ends up producing some 'funny' results. But as a proof of concept, it works.

Also in theory the system should detect whether a font has variants and use them and you wouldn't need to specify the entire set of variants, like this:


but it didn't work on my system. It might be because the font I chose didn't have data for the bold/italic variants, but I ended up getting white gaps in place of the italicised and bold text.