intensive week :-/

Everybody should be able to detect that something's going to occur by looking at my messenger state. Since around two or three weeks, I'm always not available. Some people get angry, like if it was with them (maybe they do think that when I connect to msn is for chatting JUST with them, mmmm yes, they are really wrong XD); I have received unpleasant messages like it seems like you're always not available when I do connect... all right ... I'm not going to disturb you anymore... bye. Why do people act like that? Is like if you got offended if someone can't pick up the phone because he/she is having a shower or something like that. I think people should learn the irc philosophy and then, JUST THEN, we would allow them to use the messenger. That is, if I'm away, is because I'M NOT in front of the computer, so why do they try to get an answer of mine if I do not view the messages? oooh clumsy people ò_ó
Are these preceding words caused by the stress? A friend has told me it: You better start leaving responsabilities ... well, maybe she is right, but this month and the next one are critical for the ifparty!!
This year we have put in it our best ideas to make it more successful than past one, so now we need every effort to get it into work :-D
Past friday we put online the new website, thanks to Recena for his great hosting service. And past sunday we put online the almost deffinitive version. It features three languages; after writing all the php code and & co, I thought I was going to die while translating all the spanish text into english and catalan, but it seems like that the final result is worth the effort.
And this does not finish here! Today has appeared a very interesting scene-item: becanne. This is an spanish magazine about the scene. I have liked it a lot (and it is not because I do appear often in this issue), and if you speak spanish, I think it's worth the download :)
What a überlong entry! :D