big no-no's!!

  • don't tell someone which uses firefox to use internet explorer "because everybody else does it"
  • don't think of designing pixel wise, don't expect people to have your screen configuration so they don't see scrollbars when you don't see them
  • don't automatically resize the window of the site to fit the maximum width and height - your 1024 x 768px which seem absolutely great may be absolutely stupid if the user has 2048 or 1600 pixels wide screen
  • don't use javascript for input validation only. what if user's browser has not a javascript implementation working properly (or not working at all)?
  • don't use <i> and <b> - they are deprecated and you don't want to look like obsolete. use <em> and <strong> instead
  • don't use <br>, &nbsp; and <img src="spacer.gif"> to position elements - that's designing pixel wise and absolutely demode...
  • don't even pronounce the words "optimized for..."
  • don't open pop-up's to view a site
  • don't open javascript alerts without justification