Firefox 1.5: an addictive drug

Once you have installed Firefox 1.5 on your system, you absolutely feel the need to drag and drop items in your Task Bar (for the miserable people like me which has to work with a windows box) and close programs by clicking over them with the middle button. And then is when you feel sooooo badly because Windows won't allow you to change the order of items in the task bar, or close them as you expect after using our lovely browser for some minutes.

They have also changed something else in the rendering engine and now some fonts appear certainly weird - like if the kerning is not properly calculated. I didn't notice this in the mac version.... I will have a look later to verify it... of course I am not expecting such a good rendering and antialias like the one Safari does, but this is simply not nice, although doesn't stop you from enjoying even faster navigation and rendering times.

So... is it worth the download? Definitely YES!

The most important extensions (for me) like web developer toolbar, view rendered source and a theme I use for resemble mac feeling (AquaFox), work on 1.5, as well as FCKEditor or JSCalendar, which are components I use day by day. So there's nothing that prevents me to keep working with it, and that won't prevent you from working as well :-)