iberia, or how to lose your future clients

I must flight to Valencia (my home town) for several reasons. Just for once, I decided to take a look to another web apart of easyjet. Well, the first impression is really poor. Slow loading time and a gloomy aspect which does not give any peace of mind. I select one destination and the origin does not change accordingly. It seems to have a very poor javascript code... otherwise it should have detected that I had made a change. Well, I try to lose the focus on this component to help it change -it's like a ... come in! you can do it, stupid form!!-. But it does not change anything at all.

I try to put up with it, but, hey, I want to flight FROM London, not from Valencia. Where's the button or the link to change the direction of the flight? Nowhere.

And why the hell nothing changed when I modified the destination or the origin fields? Ok, I can not resist it anymore, I press the right button and then View source. What a bunch of shit. Lots of useless things. Why do I want all of that code if it does not make anything more usable? KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPIDS! If it does not work, do not add it to the page. It would have been better to use a simple form without any fancy buttons. A simple form THAT WORKS THE WAY WE EXPECT IT TO WORK. Because, if I see a fancy form with lots of different buttons, I expect to get a higher level customer satisfaction. Not a cheap one.

Anyway, I try to breath deeply. Select Valencia - London, to see how much does it cost. Or to see if I can change the direction of the flight and then flight to Valencia from London. But none of them. I get a complex result with poorly formatted tables and NO PRICES in it. Do I have to register to see the prices? I don't know it. I can't see it in any place on the page. So... I close it. Iberia, you have lost a potential client.