ok, as lots of people are telling me that I'm not writing here since some days I have decided to do it, but about something which has nothing to do with demoscene or programming... I think for the first time in this blog I am going to comment about movies.

I don't use to watch too many movies, because doing so implies to be sitting down for at least one hour without being able to do anything else, and you can't lose the span of attention - otherwise you will get lost.

In any case those are the most recent movies that I have seen, in reverse chronological order:

  • Spanglish. This was quite ok, I laughed a bit with almost all humoristic scene. Best one is the grandmother role. That's the most hilarious character I have seen for ages.
  • Mar Adentro. This oscar-awarded movie didn't manage to get my focus span during the whole movie. It's ok but I don't think it should have won an oscar. Also I must recognize that I went out in the middle of the movie to have a walk, so I didn't see some of the scenes, but when I come back I didn't feel like if I had lost lots of information. Plain movie, that is. Bardem is ok there, but Belen Rueda reminds me to Lydia Bosch when acting. They are quite rigid.
  • Finally, the most absurd horror movie I have ever TRIED to see: Van Helsing. It was so BAD that I couldn't finish it. I had been warned: that movie is horrible, don't see it, but the theme (dracula) was quite attractive. Oh my god, what a waste of money. The only interesting part in the movie is the music by Alan Silvestri. The rest is simply cheap special effects with bad actors and script. For example in one of the scenes the gipsy woman decides that she's going to wear some weapons with her to feel secure. So she puts over herself:
    • a dagger ~15 cm
    • a bigger dagger ~ 22cm
    • a sword ~90 cm
    • a big gun

  • and all of these weapons go over stretched clothes (scarlett o'hara style) with some kind of high-heeled shoes, which is what she wears even during the battles. YES! She can fight like that and she's wearing make-up in ~1800. Of course! And even more: Dracula wears what must be one pound earrings and long hair. And he also brings a kind of hairgrip. Quite stylish. I couldn't stop laughing during some scenes but finally I got asleep and never open again the movie to see the end.