Sole live @ the pmp05 friday night

sole at pmp05 friday night

I had forgotten to publish this before, so here it goes...

Along with other great mixes by some friends, you can download a little session I mixed on the playboymansionparty this past august on Madrid. It has horrible errors (mainly fault of mine and my inexperience) but it has also nice moments I think. This is the playlist, including the name of the song, the demo/intro/whatever if applicable, and the year the song was composed/tracked/blah:

  1. 0x00CAFE, edited, (from 0x00CAFE demo by Necrostudios), 2003
  2. Hyperaktive Dancing (from Scene of the Girls by ppg), 2000
  3. I feel alright, 1999
  4. Hard Dreamings (from Hard Dreamings demo by tlotb), 2000
  5. Just One Little Duck, edited, 2000
  6. Untitled (prerreleased on the party), 2005
  7. elek3 (from Christmas in a wild style wildtro by ppg), 2003
  8. p4p1, 2004
  9. The Speecy Power, 1999
  10. Resurrection, 1999
  11. Untitled (prerreleased on the party), 2005
  12. Fast Made 3 (from Fast Made 3 demo by tlotb)
And that's all! Not too long, enough for getting scared X)

Oh, and the picture was taken by Nolver. And all the songs were composed by me...