Testing Camino

We all know that Firefox is great, but in mac it lacks a bit the Aqua look and feel. No problems! I have given a try to Camino, the optimized-for-mac firefox build. It is faster than the previous Firefox version I tested here, and FCKeditor works perfectly too, even Flash 8 plug-in and all of that. Also, it has the close tab icon in the same place as Safari... sounds nice!

I usually browse with Safari but for sites using FCKeditor (I post in my blog with it) I need to use a mozilla flavoured browser, as safari does still not support Rich Text Editing properly (if you are curious, the main problem is that safari does not allow to set the source of dynamically created/loaded scripts - which is the base for online text editors as FCKeditor. You can find more information here, on the fckeditor safari compatibility effort page). Unluckily, last version I tried (Deer Park - or 1.5 beta) broke FCKeditor support.

The only problem is that Camino does not seem to allow extensions, like Firefox does. Anyway, an interesting browser. I'll stay with usual firefox for using extensions... and this one for pages which require Rich Text Editing.