What do you miss in Eclipse?

Although they fixed the word wrap thingie in latest versions of Eclipse (did they read my desperate call, maybe?), I still miss a pair of good features:

  1. split the editor view in two, having let's say two subwindows inside the current one, and then being able to see the same file twice but at different parts. Or maybe, to be able to see two different files in the splitted view. Currently I am just able to switch between files with tabs, which are nice but sometimes I would like to have everything in screen at the same time.
  2. change the editor font. I am bored with Courier New, there are better fonts for showing source code, and although I have been looking around all the possible preferences I thought of (I take this opportunity to remark that the preferences Pane is horribly messy and confusing... I always get lost at it... where was that option? was under php? or under general editors?), I haven't been able to find where to change the font. Ok, you can change the style (color, bold, italic) but not the font. I want my Lucida Console back!
These features are present in another IDE's like Visual Studio or XCode, and they increase [my] productivity, so I don't find any reason to not to have them in this one. Specially if their developers really want it to be superwidespread.

Which powerfeature would you add to Eclipse?