Yes, I don't watch tv

And I am very proud of it.

I am not an E.T. I am not an asocial person. It's simply that I don't like to stay in front of a box waiting for messages to be thrown to my face. I prefer to choose when and which messages do I receive (i.e. I prefer to choose a movie and play it whenever I want, or browse internet).

But even more, there are many more things to do when you finish work. You can have a walk, discover new things around your area, do some exercise, have a relaxing bath, or a shower, shop, cook something more ellaborated than a pizza, read, sing, play an instrument, go out with friends, have a beer/coke/coffee... NOT ALL IS TV!

PD I still don't understand why people can't assume there's people which do not like to be passive and swallow commercial sh*ts, one after the other...