And now everybody wants to follow a healthy lifestyle

There are news which can shock you deeply when they suddenly arise in your screen. Now I can't find the news (information overload, anyone?) but basicly they were:

  1. McDonald's restaurants are going to be refurbished and redesigned to look more healthy, less plastic, more like an iPod (!!!)
  2. Construction workers are demanding healthy breakfasts. They can't find healthy alternatives in the "deep fry" restaurants (as one could expect!!)
So... McDonald's, the king of fries and greasy food wrapped in plastic containers which you can eat in a plastified yellow environment, are now trying to use more natural furniture which looks less "toyish". Why? The article was pointing that young professionals liked more the Starbucks ambience, with lounge style furniture, dim lights, etc, and MCD wanted to steal those customers back to their share. Hummm... I'm afraid you can't compare the delicate smell of a coffee with the agressive in-your-face stink of MCD burgers, even if you have the finest furniture ever. Even if you feel that you are inside an iPod.

And then you also find that those apparently rude and not worried at all about their diet hardworkers, the lovely construction workers, get suddenly interested about having a good breakfast with vegetables. Lots of them. So what's going to happen with the Full English Breakfast restaurants?

More: I bought a salad on friday for lunch and I noticed they didn't come in a completely plastic box as they came before on that store. Even more, there was a label which proudly stated they had removed the maximum amount of plastic they could and that's why I was eating a salad from a cardbox. How lovely. No, seriously, I like the detail. I think I must have been the first one in asking explicitely in the market to not to have a non recyclable plastic tray for the meat, "it is enough with the bag". So yes, that's nice. But maybe because I'm spanish and I've grew in a "mediterranean" diet, all this fever about going healthier sometimes seems ridiculous to me, as for me it is the natural choice.

Of course I'm happy with the mediterranean diet becoming famous (that way I can get better, exotic ingredients in the shops such as olives) but sometimes it's a bit excessive: you feel like bombed page after page, mediterranean restaurants multiply on every corner (offering a delirious shuffle of whatever ingredient at the same time, just because they are meant to be healthy, and leading to abominations like paella with jalapenos), mediterranean food is announced and promoted by chefs (which turn to be famous just for the sole fact of embracing the mediterranean diet) and it finally looks so trendy that you know that even the promoters don't believe themselves.

Let's see how many months/years does it last... and let's start wondering which healthy lifestyle will be copied next. Ahhhh ... trends!!!