Euskal 14 live report (VIII)

Well, this is not actually live since the party finished yesterday and I am now back at home, but this way I can continue with the series somehow...

Briefly, there was a techno demoshow before the prizegiving ceremony. The last demo was kasparov/elitegroup and the organisers didn't realise that it had finished so it started again from the beginning, looped. Haha!

It's a pity it was so bright inside the place, since the screen hardly had any contrast and was quite difficult to appreciate any of the dark scenes in most of the demos :-/

After that demoshow they played that superlong video of euskal3, which is 20 minutes long based in content for 4 minutes only, so imagine how boring can it be. Anyway... finally the ceremony started and I was one of the first surprised when I realised I was third in multichannel!! It's the first time ever that I've won something in a music compo since I started in the scene! Yes trust me... I have been lots of times in 4th position and even 3rd once (but they took apart the 3rd prize since there was low participation). So I was quite moved when I went to the stage for picking up the prize. Luckily they didn't make us say any word since I wouldn't have been able to grasp anything - or maybe just glups! :D

It was also funny that the portuguese posse were waving a portuguese flag each time they won something, and they gave me the flag when I went up the stage. I just followed the joke, and gave it to debi/gum when he went to stage, thus confusing terribly everybody else which didn't know us. They thought that everybody was portuguese!

The demo compo results were funny as well, since the bars just showed xplsv and xplsv so everybody was like ... who is who? :D

I should have done another demo for xplsv so we could have owned completely the demo compo. MWHAHAHA!

(I hardly remember any result, otherwise I would have posted them here)

When the ceremony ended, a journalist and a photographer tried to get the exclusive first words from the winners after the prize!! the winners were like just let me celebrate, mkay??, since they were really urging and pushing! Meanwhile I was enjoying the situation a lot, it was quite funny from outside :P

The photographer made them sit in a gamer's pc, since they told him that everything had been packed and they weren't going to unpack it just for the picture, while I was saying the journalist that it wasn't representative. He was like "then, what is representative?" - and I couldn't stop looking at that horrible and démodé matrix screensaver that was in running in the screen. Well, maybe not that..., I said.

After that we said bye quickly and started looking for a taxi to the airport. It was very funny to see many family cars parked in front of the Exhibition Center where the party was held, but there wasn't a single taxi there. I didn't had the number of the taxi's company, and I was considering even calling the yellow pages or something, since each time we asked any of the inhabitants where could we find a taxi, they just moved up their shoulders and looked at us as if we were asking them about aliens or ufo's.

Luckily, we finally found the taxi stop, a bit hidden and after a hilly street, and made it to the airport. Which I have to say that it's quite well designed and I really liked it (if I had to make a list of my favourite airports it would be like 1 Barcelona, 2 London Gatwick, 3 Bilbao... yes, something like that) The flight was the shortest flight I have ever taken. All I can remember is sitting, fastening my belt, and being awaken by the "ding!" which sounds when you have to fasten the belt because we are going to land. And that is all!

My personal opinion about the party is that it was too empty. Empty of content, empty of sceners, empty of any kind of cohesion or anything which joined people together. Which is something that you can more or less expect in such big party. But well, I didn't really care, I just stayed around there, and chatted with people, had a good time -which was the purpose- and even won something -which wasn't really an objective but is always encouraging-.

And it was even more funny to go and have a relaxing nap just when people were asking for the demo deadline to be delayed, in contrast to other years in which those hours were pure stress agony, trying to finish the demo. Ahhh I'm getting older X-D

Lots of people have asked me if I'm going to bcnparty, tum, breakpoint, whatever. The answer by the moment is no, I'm quite tired and a bit bored of all the party things and I would like to do other things for a while. Also I have taken like six planes in one month and I'm a bit fed up by the moment! So do not ask, if I have to go you'll see me there :P