Graphic design mood-ish

My mind is somehow like a fluctuating pendulum, instead of always oscillating between two sides with some kind of natural deviation, it also gets occasionally a sudden nudge which moves it into an almost completely different and out of context thought.

Now casually I feel like watching. No, not that kind of watching, but watching instead of actually producing anything - whether it is tangible or not; although most of the times it's not. Letting the eyes be treated to shapes, patterns and new ideas which might inspire probably the productive side.

In that mood, I happened to find designerstalk. This is a forum quite similar to spanish forum domestika (even lots of the sections have similar names). I had heard about designerstalk before but never managed to actually visit it. It looks interesting.

Also venerable magma books have also updated their website. It still confuses me that they show products which aren't sellable anymore because they are out of stock, but I must recognize that the new version is lighting fast to navigate and I quite like it. I'll make use of my great work location and probably visit the Covent Garden store to see if there are more new things in the physical stores :)

There's also a couple of interesting websites that I'll recommend for whoever interested in computer generated art aesthetics: Generator.x and Code & Form. Both are maintained by the same author, a guy called Watz, and while the first one covers more generic aspects of generative art, the latter is more focused on the code factor. Processing is an always present element in these blogs, and I will reveal publicly that I'm investigating the possibilities that it can offer to curious people like me which want to do some nice looking stuff without going too deep into language tricks and all of that. Well, actually it can also play and generate sound and do lots more of cool stuff, but I haven't dug into those areas yet.