now providing free downloads

I forgot to point that out! Two days ago I saw my profile at and it showed me a "FREE download" on one of radix's songs, which I had recently played. And then I remembered the e-mail they sent some weeks ago about the downloads server going live quite quite soon (really soon this time, in fact).

So I just followed the link and effectively, his famous Counting Stars is freely available for download.

I did then a quick and imperious visit to xplsv's label page and verified that effectively all of our releases at are free to download by anyone, which is a great way of promoting ourselves and letting people know about our music. Tracks get downloaded with the appropiate artist - track name.mp3 naming, so it's much better than the usual services which tend to rename tracks to a random_number.mp3 As they have enabled free downloads and free previews whether you're logged in or not (in the youtube style) I would say this is the real alternative to the crappy myspace music pages. A neat design without loads of unneeded elements, with quick access to music and easy to browse and have a look, that's what people need, not that space...

The artist and tracks page have now a better design so they are more different in comparison to the usual profile page. Hannah is doing a great work, kudos to her!

Now I just have to get some time and add the vast amount of missing tracks so that we can dominate's downloads! Ha ha!