Switching is good stuff

It had to happen. When you're all day long working with php and mysql, smarty and whatnot, the last thing you want to do when you have some free time is to continue fighting with the same issues once and once again.

I also had been testing some wordpress installations and I finally surrendered to WordPress. Specially since version 2.0 is very neat and attractive and offered me some features I wanted but didn't feel motivated to code by myself (pinging, trackbacking, rss for comments of one entry, etc). I did know how to do them but sincerely it is not the same that when I started doing php stuff, back to 2002. Then most of the things were new and kind of a challenge, like "will i be able to create my own system to keep a log of my stuff without having a design as ugly as slashdot's one?".

But now -and specially after having minimumly guessed the possibilities of other methodologies like Ruby On Rail's one- it is highly discouraging to do more simple stuff in php. So I said to myself:

  1. do I want to keep reinventing the wheel forever and not adding new ideas or functionalities (i.e. continue with my self made blog), or
  2. do I prefer to use something which sums the efforts of lots of people, and contribute with whatever I can to the community? (i.e. switch to wordpress)
Obviously I chose 2) as you can see!

I have set up a redirection for the old rss, so it still should work perfectly. If you find something wrong please tell me :)

Also, I haven't applied any hack at all to the css and html so it is all valid but some things do not work as they should in The Cancer (i.e. Internet Explorer), although they look gorgeous in Firefox (both Mac and Windows) and Safari (and I am not going to break my clean css & html in order to fix it). It's been funny to play with selectors and all of those advanced css techniques I can't use normally "because it needs to work with explorer".