Testing Quicksilver

As I have been using a mac for more than one year, I considered that it was the time to start using superadvanced tools for savvy users, as for example Quicksilver. It's 10 minutes since I installed it and I must say this:

  1. The installation process is so full of nice transitions that it deserves to be installed just to see them
  2. It's quick! It does not work exactly as Spotlight (I doubt it indexes file contents as Spotlight), but it feels fast, and launchs applications faster than Spotlight (which is the main use I give to Spotlight)
  3. I absolutely love the configuration options, where it refers to the effects as "Superfluous visual effects". This kind of honesty has not been seen for a long time. Funnier enough, although they may be superfluous, they really look cool and don't annoy you as the usual effects you see in other applications. Quicksilver
There is more info for beginners in blogs like TUAW: Getting Started with Quicksilver: understanding the basics, just in case you feel curious.