What if scene.org went down?

There's something that comes to my mind each time that scene.org suffers of one of those post-big-party syndromes, and everything runs slow as hell, including pouet and who knows what else... what if it went down, one day, forever?

I also thought of that when they got menaced by evil lawyers, some time past year, and the only solution which came to my mind was p2p. Which somehow (call me romantic or maybe ridiculous, is up to you) reminds me to those old times when productions were distributed by swappers.

I must confess I never managed to actually get a demo by that way, such newschool I am... The most that I did was getting impulse tracker 2 by snail mail, which was quite cool really... those emotional moments while copying from the disk drive to the hard drive, finger crossing and willing it to not to fail, uncompressing the lha... :')

In fact, there are already some scene sites distributing their files by means like bittorrent. Modarchive comes to mind: they are distributing the whole huge archive. There were also some ASCII recopilations, and scene DVD's if I'm not wrong. So that's not a new idea, but it would be nice to have it consolidated so if for example, it's just after breakpoint and we all want to get the releases, we should leave them in our harddrives ready for be seeded and shared, with some sort of tag or so (I think I read someone suggesting to add sceneorg in the file name).

It's not exactly as swapping as in the old good days, as it's not really based on having very good contacts, if we interchanged by emule, but can be quite similar if you just distribute by bittorrent and just give the seed to whoever you think that deserves it ;-) (Oh well, I'm not sure how the two methods work, maybe I'm saying a big lie, please correct me in that case).