Software budgets

The web team, composed exclusively of interns, made a request to their project manager:

-- We'll need a php editor, the trial license for Ultraedit in this machine has expired and we can't be disconnecting the network cables each time someone starts Dreamweaver so that it doesn't detect we are all running the same license.

-- Ok, just download something from emule and try to crack it. Don't know, Zend Studio or something. It's ok, as long as you have space in your computer for installing it... Just make sure you download it in your home computer, since we have a very limited network connectivity and we can't afford to use the office's network for downloading large files. We don't have budget for development tools either.

Some years later, different country:

-- I'm afraid I'll need Flash CS3 for doing this...

-- Ok, no worries. Just let me know which package you need and I'll buy it.

(10 minutes later)

-- You can find the software in this folder. License key is there as well.

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