The next captcha generation for myspace forms

myspace captcha

I have had to register in this website and holy crap, I hardly could finish the process! I'm amazed there's so many people registered even with captchas like this one. Is it an V or a X? or an N?

But I presume they might be having lots of spammers overcoming their captchas so that's why they need to push it further and make it more and more complicated, even if that means that us the mere mortals can't use the site. Not that I care (except when I need to register, obviously) but I have been working on something which I think it's what they'll need in the future. Without further ado, here it is: the next captcha generation for myspace forms!

Featuring absolutely unreadable text, horrible colours, distorted and unexpected music which clashes violently with whatever you're listening to (I've added several songs playing at the same time so you can feel the pain even if you're not listening to anything right now).

The colour scheme is carefully designed to fit perfectly with every single page in myspace and therefore it requires Flash 9, so it can push the adoption of Flash 9 amongst the internet community thanks to thousands of teenagers willing to show their intimate side to the world, while also making the linux 64-bit system and other exotic systems guys get angry because they don't have a player for watching this monumental piece of crap.

Isn't it nice?