Fix for the notice errors on line 5463

If you have errors like these ones...

locate the function get_enclosures(), then add this before anything else:

foreach(explode(',', 'url,type,length,bitrate,channels,expression,framerate,height,lang,medium,samplingrate,width') as $var_name)
    $var_name = null;

This is for version 1.1!

I would post this in their support forums if only I hadn't to sign into yahoo groups and register to their support forums which obviously are for members only.

I also read that Ryan, one of SimplePie's developers, is working two full time jobs - it didn't sound very nice to me, so I hope this helps him alleviate from answering some questions. And by the way, Ryan, feel free to incorporate that code into simplepie if you think it's good enough :-)