How to crash Flash Player in few lines

I tried this with the stand-alone Flash Player, versions 9.0.45 and 9.0.124. I was hoping to crash the browser too when executing the malicious code inside a browser but that didn't work :-/

Anyway this is how you would proceed if you wanted to crash your Flash Player. Or this is what you shouldn't do if you do not want that to happen...

  1. Create a URLStream
  2. Add to it an event listener for HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS
  3. Load a url which won't return a 200 OK status code
  4. When you receive the HTTP_STATUS event, close the URLStream
  5. CRASH!

This only happens in Windows.

And here's the bug in Adobe's bug management system (mainly so that I can remember where is it and because the search engine there is terrible too!)