The BBC accidentally reveals some source code

... in this recipe (scroll to the bottom), and here's the question: Which programming language are they using in that piece of code?

My vote goes for Perl, because...

  • It's a well-known, public fact that they use Perl. In fact I have even heard someone complained the version of Perl they use is so old and stagnant they had to sort of emulate new features (already existing in newer versions of Perl)
  • It can't be PHP because of the brackets surrounding glossid
  • It can't be Python or ruby because of the ending semicolon. Ok, you can use semicolons with Python or Ruby but it's idiotic to do such a thing when you're free of that tyranny
  • I also thought of some JSON which hadn't been properly hidden, but again, why use a dollar sign to name a variable in javascript unless you're using it for jQuery or something like that?

If anybody from the beeb wants to reveal which language is it, feel free to do that... no need to use your e-mail in the comment ;-)

Oh, and just in case they fix this little anomaly in their system, here's a screenshot of the page. Captured with Screengrab.

By the way, I'm so hoping their database of recipes is not built upon a ton of manually typed in hashes. For the sake of their own mental health, specially the maintainers'. It worries me that the rest of recipes I have checked do not exhibit this problem. I really hope no one has to update these pages manually.

Edit: Added "in that piece of code" to clarify the question, sorry if it was too vague O:-)