The irony of spam

As soon as I posted yesterday's analysis on eBay scams, I began to get a lot of pingbacks from quite suspiciously looking websites, with domains like,, etc... all of them using the .info TLD, which is one of the most commonly used by spammers as far as I have seen.

the irony of spam

So it seems they didn't have enough with parked domains with lots of AdSense ads on the front page, now they have devised some kind of ultraspeedy spider which might be crawling recent posts on certain topics and then stealing the content to feed their domains. Just look at the post id's they are handling: 19574, 23288... it's humanely impossible to write as many articles in domains that young, even if you are so damn verbose! (On second thought: maybe Scobleizer could do that...)

I guess they are using technorati or google blog search to perform a periodic, automated search, although I have seen what looked like robots with strange user agents accessing my domain sometimes and they might be the same kind of content thieves.

But you can't do much when your stuff is online, other than hoping that people are clever enough to distinguish the good source from the bad one :D