Truly irritating: "Your Wireless network has been compromised"

Believe it or not, here's yet another stupid feature of Leopard! Whenever it decides it's a good moment to stop your workflow, a little window will pop up and tell you that because your wireless network has been compromised, it will be disabled for a minute.

What it doesn't tell is that it won't connect by itself automatically when that ghostly compromising menace disappears, even if the network password is stored in the keychain. So if you were doing something which depended on the wireless connection, it will never finish unless you're there and make sure you manually connect again to the network.

There are lots of speculative solutions such as changing the encryption method in the router from WPA to WPA2 and whatever... but why should I change anything only because Leopard's wifi support is defective and can't distinguish between failure and attack?

So far, these are Leopard's good points:

  • better VNC support
  • tabbed terminal
  • some tools are preinstalled (svn, ruby... although it's nothing one couldn't get done dedicating a few hours)
  • nicer XCode

And these are its annoyances/weaknesses/useless features, plus some more that I can't remember right now or have been fixed in system updates (such as file uploading in the flash plug-in, which was broken from day 0):

  • "Your wireless network has been compromised" - and it has just happened again while I wrote this! OH YEAH!
  • continuous errors with firewire disks such as my ipod mini
  • intrusively inquiring about what do I want to do with what I download
  • absurd behaviour after returning from stand-by: on my mac mini left click acts as a right click until I do a control+tab and switch to a different application, on my powerbook the trackpad works like at a 0.00001% of the normal speed and accelerates progressively until it reaches normal speed - even after a completely clean reinstall
  • horrible wireless performance. How come the signal strength is only 20% when another computer, side by side, has 100%?
  • no more decent mp3 preview - if you switch to a different application while previewing it will stop. It sometimes does not work at all, instead. And there's no way of going back to the previous interface.
  • amazingly it still hasn't a decent image viewer which can operate fullscreen
  • super ugly folder icons

I wonder if this can be considered a defective product... by all standards it looks like that: these errors are recurrent and I'm experiencing them every single day.

I'm tempted of going back to Tiger but I'm just not willing to spend a single minute of my life re-installing software for the n-th time.

Instead, I hereby demand an immediate fix for these bugs!! I wonder if there's an open case in petitiononline for this...