Zuckerberg == E.T.

You're going to love this one-month-old news (well... not) but it wasn't until today that I managed to listen to the Zuckerberg keynote at past SXSW. I had read it had generated a fair amount of discussion although I didn't know exactly why.

In any case, once you listen to the podcast you can easily understand the attendees' indignation. Roughly, it is pretty much an hour of:

Sarah Lacy:
Absolutely irrelevant or bland question | Right | A-ha | My book...
Mark Zuckerberg:
helping people communicate more efficiently ... communicate ... mission ... communicate ... efficiently ... website trend ... helping people communicate more efficiently... tool ... communicate ... connect ...

No wonder people made fun of the whole situation! There's even a cartoon!

In case you're really curious here's the podcast, from the podcasts page.